Party in Mexico: We celebrate our independence day.

What can we expect in Playa for the celebration? Clean beaches, delicious food and lots of music to dance all weekend.

 It is relatively easy to find events just by walking to the tourist area, virtually all restaurants and nightclubs will have their version of a Mexican Party.

 But if you have no idea or prefer to plan your weekend, here are different options ranging from free events to exclusive parties. There is no excuse for not having a good time this independence day:


 Lila Downs Concert at the Town Hall Square

The artist Lila Downs will bring a very Mexican show to the city square. The concert will be on the night of September 15, this is the perfect event to celebrate as a local.


Mayakoba City

This Saturday, Mayakoba will have a very Mexican celebration suitable for the whole family, there will be national food, traditional games, live music and many more surprises. Free entrance!


Quinta Alegría Shopping Mall

The mall will have live music, Mariachi, on Saturday and Sunday at 3 and 5 in the afternoon. If you are walking on Fifth Avenue, stop by to say hello and enjoy excellent traditional music.


Playa de Carmen Planetarium 

The planetarium will have several events at quite affordable prices on Saturday. They are events for grown ups such as contest to eat chiles and tequila tasting. Salud!


Grand Hyatt all you can eat

The Grand Hyatt will have a very exclusive event where for $ 790 pesos you can eat all the Mexican food you can. You can add margarita open-bar for an additional $ 390 pesos.

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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