More good news for Mexico

Hola amigos. More good news for Mexico.

I got up this morning, walked down to the beach to enjoy the first sights over the sparkling water of the sea. Down there, I met my neighbor, doing the same as me: enjoying the morning sights. It was 8.00 o’clock A.M. This time, this place could bring the most reserved guy to reveal the most deeply hidden secret.

He quietly confided me how lucky we were to live in a place such as Playa. Later on, I thought about it in front of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. The pristine water helps me to clear up my mind. He is actually not wrong. And, in fact, tourists are totally right to enjoy their vacation over here!

In spite of the bad press that Mexico is constantly getting in the US Media, tourists have luckily spoken with their feet in order to show the world the contrary! Mexico has attracted in 2011 more international tourists than any year in history. Indeed, the Mexican tourism agency informed us that the number of tourists arriving by air rose up to 22.7 million, the highest figure ever. And foreigners were not the only ones to go on vacation. Also the number of Mexican tourists rose up last year. They were no less than 167 million people who traveled to Mexico as tourists.  

Even if the media seems to have affected American Tourism, with numbers down by about 3% last year, there was a huge surge in tourists coming from developing economies such as Brazil, Peru, Russia and China, which goes to show the international flare of Mexico continues to have a broad based appeal.

Here you get the chance to enjoy all the landscapes – mountain, desert, forest, jungle, sea, ocean, beaches…, you have the possibility to go back in time through all the history you have ever dreamt about, the opportunity of enjoying plenty of activities as diversified as ideas flourish, of meeting as many nationalities and cultures as you can expect to encounter in such a place.

Living in the Yucatan peninsula is the big advantage! Here we only enjoy peace and serenity. No trouble of any kind over here. The only known drawback you may encounter is the following one: if you come, you may never go back. It’s your turn to be seduced by the Dolce Vita!

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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