Mexico Remains Safe Amid Tourism Boom

Mexico continues to rise the ranks among the world’s most-visited destinations, ranking sixth globally after hosting more than 39 million international tourists in 2017.

Nonetheless, the Mexico Tourism Board is out to set the record straight regarding recent reports linked to the U.S. State Department’s updated travel advisory system, which ranked Mexico as a “level 2” country where travelers should “exercise increased caution” when it debuted earlier this year.

However, level 2 was also assigned to destinations like Germany, France and the U.K. and the board points out that the advisory exempts major international tourist destinations across the country, including those in states with higher levels in the advisory.

“While Mexico faces challenges with crime and violence like many countries around the world today, the overwhelming majority of those incidents are related to Mexican individuals,” the Mexico Tourism Board said in a statement. “In the very rare recent cases where foreigners have been impacted, the majority of the cases found that those individuals were involved in suspicious or criminal activity not associated with tourism.”

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