Mexican Wine in Riviera Maya

Discover the culture and history of Mexican wine framed by a unique ans extraordinary place: our spectacular underground Wine Cellar. Learn about artisanal wines and even about the most traditional wine-producing companies, through a unique and incomparable exhibition that brings together passion and senses. 

Mexican Wine Embassy.

The “Vino de México” Wine Cellar was firmly created to promote the culture and history of Mexican wine. Here, more than 413 years of history – from the first wine-producing company in Mexico to the oldest in America – are collected.

In this majestic site you’ll find over 157 Mexican wine labels, with unique and peculiar characteristics according to their place of origin, and you’ll also admire our great production and tasting items collection.
In this Mexican wine embassy, our expert Sommelier takes you to a wonderful trip and provides you with the best tips to have these delicious wines tickling your senses. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the unique “Mexican Wine Tasting Tour”.

Annie from All About Playa

Annie from All About Playa

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