Kiddle the New Children´s Search Engine

If you’re a parent with small children your internet dreams have come true! A child friendly search engine is now available called Kiddle. Kiddle has a design and setup like the major beast Google however it has been designed to keep children safe and tamed about certain search words.

For example the word meow meow, it`s slang meaning refers to a pill or powdered type drug that has similar effects to MDMA. However, when you type it into Kiddle different cat definitions appear as well as a cartoon kitten.

This is a great tool that children can use and parents can rest easy with leaving their 6 year old browsing through the web. The site isn’t an official Google brand, but it does use Google safe search and different editors to keep everything combed clean.

The site still has some glitches depending on certain news and word combinations but when it comes to touchy subjects like Gay or transgender Kiddle mascot robot says “Sorry can`t help you with  this query. Please try again” So these delicate topics are completely left up to the parents to explain and the child isn’t seeing inappropriate pictures like in the original search engine.

However, not everyone agrees because the search engine unexpectedly tells the child that the search word is a “bad word” so they do not agree that gay or transgender should be considered a bad word. This seems to be errors in default responses that the website may have but the intention of the webpage is still the same, a large filter to protect children from inappropriate content.

The first three searches that appear are going to be extremely filtered and offer only child directed websites.  The next searches are informational and supposedly monitored content with the search word. The sixth or seventh search is a more random search with filtered images and titles.

A nice difference that Kiddle has to Google is that it attaches a large thumbnail to the title to better identify what the child is looking for with the accompanying photo. Also it has a large arial font so that is 100% legible and easy to read.

The company is based in the US and the Netherlands and says it dedicates all its editors to protect children from violating pages. Adding that they are dedicating themselves to their feedback system to fix any reported glitches.

Kiddle seems to be ideal on paper so hopefully it will stay true to its efforts and help mothers and fathers all over the world to keep a tighter control of children web browsing.

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