Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Chetumal to continue orange but with some restrictions put back into place

Cozumel and Isla Mujeres in the north, and the state capital city of Chetumal in the south, are the three municipalities that will have some restrictions put back into place. Rather than being rolled back to a red epidemiological light, they will have mobility restrictions to help curb the rate of infections.

The announcement was made Monday morning at a press conference by Carlos Orvañanos, head of Reactivemos Quintana Roo and Comunicación Social coordinator who acknowledged that the COVID-19 infection rate for the north is 1.7 and in the south, 4.9. He says that while these figures allow for the continuation of an orange epidemiological light, which is where they will stay, the state will work on two strategies.

One of which will be hospital expansion and the other, greater dissemination of hygiene protocols.

During the press conference, the official indicated that Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, and Chetumal are the municipalities where COVID-19 figures have rebounded in recent days, stressing that the critical concern is the state capital of Chetumal where a hospital occupation rate of 50 percent has been registered.

He indicated that the governor will carry out various strategies to stop the contagion curve, among which is to invest resources for the expansion of hospitals, particularly in the southern area, in order to have enough space to attend to all patients.

In addition, a broad hygiene campaign will be carried out in all municipalities so that people do not let their guard down.

Carlos Orvañanos clarified that they knew with the reaction of activities on June 8, infections would rebound however, he says it was taken lightly by the local population, which has resulted in an increase in infections.

He added that with the reinforcement of hygiene practices will also come to a restriction in mobility, particularly in Othón P. Blanco (Chetumal). He recognizes that mobility restrictions can be uncomfortable, but also says that controlling mobility has lead to a decrease in COVID-19 cases in the past. “When taking mobility measures, it has been noted that the source of contagion is reduced,” he mentioned.

While going back to red epidemiological light will not happen today, he cautioned that the restrictions for the municipalities will take effect starting today, while they continue orange in their economic recovery.

Source: RMN


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