Green Alert for "Rina"

As you might have heard, we are in the middle of a hurricane warning. 
Hurricane alerts are classified as follows:
Blue: Minimal danger. “Zoom-notice.” The blue alert is set when you have identified the presence of a tropical storm or when it is 72 hours out with the possibility of winds of 63 miles per hour.

Green: Low hazard. “Zoom-Prevention.” This alert is set when a tropical cyclone has reached when a 63 mile per hour storm is 24-72 hours away.

Yellow: Moderate Hazard. “Zoom-Preparation.” Set when a tropical cyclone is 12 – 60 hours out, and has a minimum wind speed of 63 miles per hour.

Orange: High Risk. “Zoom-Alarm.” Set when the storm is 6 to 36 hours out an orange altert is issued.

Red: Danger maximum. “Approach-Effect.” This alert is issued when a hurricane is at maximum 18 hours out, and appears to be headed for a direct strike.  

List of supplies for emergencies: Cookies, Tuna, purified water, canned beans, canned vegetables, milk powder, transistor radio, batteries, personal hygiene products, toilet paper, napkins, matches, candles, flashlights and first aid.

Although this area is not frequented by Hurricanes like other areas of the Caribbean, like Cuba and Florida, they are a threat and do happen from time to time. It is important that you are informed, and know what measures to take if you happen to be here when one approaches. 
Close your hurricane shutters if you have them. If you do not have adequate Hurricane Protection, there is only one company we can recommend. More information

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