General Health Council announces an approved plan to start reactivation in Mexico

The General Health Council announced on Tuesday that it has approved four areas for the progressive lifting of restriction measures against coronavirus in Mexico.

The General Health Council says that during its last meeting, members agreed on a plan to begin the country’s reactivation. The plan, they say, includes an update to essential activities, which will include the construction, mining, manufacturing and transportation sectors.

Restrictions will be lifted for school and work activities in low and coronavirus-free municipalities.

With the reactivation of businesses, the Council says all companies and establishments will apply compulsory sanitary measures in the workplace, which will be issued by the Ministry of Health, the IMSS and the Ministry of Labor.

The head of the Ministry of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela noted that as of June 1, the Ministry of Health will define a weekly traffic light system for each state, which will allow certain economic, educational and social activities within specified intensity levels.

The Council says the measures are meant to be gradually implemented to reactivate activities in the economic, health, educational, commercial, tourism, services and leisure sectors. The plan seeks to begin on May 17, where regions with no cases or minimal coronavirus cases have been reported.

A special working group will be formed to deal with issues of tourism revival and employment, which will be led by the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués.

Some details of the plan were released Wednesday morning by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the National Palace, who says that the light system will be updated weekly by municipalities-states dependent on the report of contagions that are given.

The semaphore consist of four colors (red, orange, yellow and green) and depending on each, will determine the activities that can be reactivated. On Wednesday morning, Graciela Márquez, head of the Ministry of Economy said that 269 municipalities in 15 states will return to normal activities on May 18, dubbing them “municipalities of hope”.

Source: Riviera Maya News

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