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It may not have crossed your mind but have you ever considered would happen in the event that you to breakdown along the Riviera Maya’s highways. It’s not so much a matter of safety as it well-known fact the crime-rates in the area are exceptionally low, but rather a matter of inconvenience. How long would be stuck there? Would you have to call a tow truck? If so, what number do you call?
Rental cars in the Playa del Carmen area are generally kept in top-notch condition so the chances of breaking down are minimal but unfortunately, sometimes thing do go wrong, its called life. In the unlikely event you are stuck roadside there is no reason to worry, Mexico has established a rescue system for its stranded roadside visitors known as the Green Angels (Ángeles Verdes).
The Green Angels are a free roadside assistance service specifically aimed at aiding foreigners in a bind. They have a fleet of trucks ready with bilingual crews ready to dispatch at the soonest possible notice. The services they offer include advice and information on tourist destinations, medical first aid, emergency radio communication, mechanical aid for your car and basic supplies. The only thing that will cost you is any necessary parts, gas or oil to get you back on your way, changing your tires for example is completely without charge. The Green Angels patrol daily from dawn until sunset, so if you are unable to call them chances are they will find you.

It is very important to Mexico’s tourist industry that vacationers use the roads as it is an excellent way to advertise popular sights and attractions that give witness to the history, culture, values and natural wonder of Mexico, and as such Mexico puts a big effort into assuring people feel safe using the roads through services like the Greens Angels Corporation. They also maintain close coordination with emergency services such as the Red Cross, the Federal Police and the department of Federal Roads and Bridges.
The Green Angels suggest the following checklist for any driving venture you wish to take –
• Check your spare tire, tools and car jack
• Check the engine oil
• Check the electric and cooling systems of your vehicle
• Drive safely, respect the signs and avoid high speed
• Refrain from driving if you are tired
• Don’t drink and drive
• Use your seatbelt
• Do not litter 

Should you ever find yourself in an emergency while driving, or even just a blown tire with a faulty jack, call the Ministry of Tourism’s hotline (55) 5250-8221 or simply dial the Green Angels direct emergency hotline on 078, this service is available to you anywhere in Mexico.
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