El Cine Club sharing movies and creating community in Playa del Carmen

I am going to tell you a secret, I have been trying to find a showcase to share this project for a long time. Although I am not involved,  neither in its creation, nor in the organization of the functions.

I feel it as mine and I show it off with pride and I believe that there are many Playenses that feel the same as I do, and I am going to tell you why.

The Cine Club is a project originally from Playa del Carmen created by Victor Morillas and Grisel Alcantara.  These passionate film lovers seek to share their passion for cinema and have a positive effect on the community.

When I met El Cine Club I didn’t have much idea about independent cinema and to this day I can say that I’m not an expert on the subject either. I met El Cine Club by accident, a friend invited me to see a movie at La Ceiba Park.

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The movie I saw was “Flor en Otomi”, the movie was excellent, but what captivated me the most was the atmosphere created inside the park. A unique atmosphere is generated, it is as if everyone present understands that they are there to disconnect from the world for a moment.

You find a small moment of revelation, where you realize that not all movies are for commercial purposes. You get to see stories that are really similar to what we live, not these typical stereotypes of the ideal couple, the ideal love, the ideal child, etc.

The Cine Club has a clear message, to have and share a space where residents and visitors can meet and dialogue.

10 years sharing movies


After a difficult 2020 for everyone and even more so for projects that are sustained by presence, as is the case of El Cine Club.

This 2021 they are going to celebrate their 10 years and are preparing the long tablecloths. They have programmed great surprises for all their audience.

The celebrations began in August, starting with their new virtual theater, where they will screen 5 cycles of independent films and Mexican community cinema.

Another of its festivities and something that El Cine Club has accustomed us to is its workshops and special classes. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, different workshops and classes were held for young independent filmmakers. Among these workshops were the Children’s Film Workshop and the “The Power of Film” Workshop.

The special classes that were taught were the following: Independent Film Production Class, Distribution Class for Independent Filmmakers, Creativity and Advertising in Film Class, Distribution and Monetization in Digital Platforms and the Dissemination of Independent Mexican Cinema Class.

With this, El Cine Club confirms its commitment to open the cultural spectrum in the area and we are not only talking about Playa del Carmen. The Cine Club has managed to take its message to different parts of the Yucatan Peninsula, such as Merida.

I invite you to watch the interview we did with them and of course to visit them and live the experience first hand.

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