Cutting Edge Medical Technology Helps Non-Profit in Playa del Carmen

The Sanar Clinic in Playa del Camen teams up with Fundación Selva Maya to help protect local ecosystems.

By Sara Moen

The Sanar Clinic has always offered new and innovative approaches to integrative medicine to their patients, and they are continually adding cutting edge services to their docket to ensure the best care and variety to their clientele. So it was no surprise to find out they are now offering ES TECK Complex a new technology out of Europe that helps measure 22 different parameters in your body to pin point medical issues that may otherwise go overlooked or unnoticed.

The Foundation 
Fundación Selva Maya AC is a small group of private land owners from Quintana Roo that are pushing to create a private natural reserve to protect local jungle and fresh water systems, as well as their associated ecosystems. The land is approximately 900 hectares, and it is located inside the jungle, spanning from Akumal to Ushushuvi, which is filled with cenotes and underground river systems. They are making alliances with local NGO’s such as CEMDA, CEAK, SANAR, Razonatura, and CINDAQ, as well as international companies like Zero Gravity, and academic institutions like the Midwestern University. This land is being developed (or not developed as the case may be) as a nature sanctuary for both local ecosystems as well as to research of the karst ecosystems of the Riviera Maya, including the aquifer.

The Technology

ES TECK COMPLEX was originally developed by a French neurologist, Dr. Albert Maarek, and produced by a company out of Belgium, and although widely popular in Europe, the technologies are just now finding their way to the United States and Mexico.

·   How the ES TECK COMPLEX works: Two electrodes are attached to your forehead, both of your hands are placed on stainless steel plates with electrodes that are then plugged into each plate, and a pulse oximeter is attached to your left pointer finger. Your feet are then placed on similar stainless steel plates that have an additional 2 electrodes attached to each one.  All of the electrodes are then plugged into a computer program feeding it information on 22 different body parameters such as blood volume, corporal production of energy, and shape and composition of body fluids.  Each parameter is then analyzed and the scan produces everything from system overloads, deficits, diagnosis, and suggested therapies. It can read everything from physical and emotional stress to heart and liver functions, and yes, even your libido!

How The Foundation and The Technology came to The Sanar Clinic

Dr. Suarez, Founder of the Sanar Clinic, has a patient that is a member of Fundación Selva, who knew about the scanner, and thought it would be a perfect fit for the clinic. Fundación Selva then purchased the scanner for SANAR to operate it, and in return Dr. Suarez will designate the proceeds generated by the use of this new technology directly to Fundación Selva. It was a perfect fit; technology brought to Sanar’s patients, supporting a local non-profit, all the while protecting our ecosystems along the Riviera Maya Coastline; a win, win for everyone!!!

My Experience

I have been a dedicated patient, and advocate, to the Sanar Clinic since they first opened their doors in 2006, and am always the first to refer a friend, publicize events and new services, and I am ALWAYS a willing guinea pig. Being one of those pale skinned folk that have strange allergies, and unexplained ailments, both Western and Integrative Medicine are not new to me. Once I found the perfect combination of the two at the Sanar Clinic; a scientific diagnostic approach coupled with preventative therapies, I was sold. I am always the first in line to try something new; ozone therapy, acupuncture, chiropractics, vitamin C treatments for skin, detox foot baths, therapeutic massage, dietary consultation; if the Sanar Clinic offers it I have more than likely have tried it. So when I went in recently and was not feeling well Dr. Suarez suggested that I try the new scanning system, and I said “Sign me up!!!”

The End Result

Keep in mind this innocent looking little system looks harmless enough, and it causes no discomfort, only lasts a few minutes, and produces an incredible amount of knowledge to you and your doctor, but remember it does not keep ANY secrets!!! It tells your doctor everything so don’t try pulling the wool over his eyes! The cool thing is that it pinpoints issues that are currently happening within your body, but it can be a great tool for preventative medicine as well.

The Benefit

If you decide to go ahead and get the scan, one of the amazing benefits is that you can then receive additional scans throughout current treatments, and you can physically see the difference right in front of you on a computer screen….it works!

For more information on the ES TECK COMPLEX, or the Sanar Clinic in general, please visit their website:

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Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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