Cruise Ship Landings in Cozumel

When a cruise ship lands, it may not seem like big news. However, it is a unique spectacle to behold.  Just off the coast of Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel Island has grown to be one of the top cruise line destinations in the Caribbean. With 3 cruise ship piers as well as 1 smaller pier which serves the Playa del Carmen ferry, Cozumel plays host daily to thousands of day visitors looking for a glimpse of paradise. With such a small window of time in which to enjoy Cozumel,  these stops creat a little micro city of their own.

All sorts of vendors and performers flock to make the most of the landing experience for the passengers. Efficient use of time and money in this Port of Call is necessary with any landing, so the energy is truly unique to experience. We’ve included the following schedule of stops ths week…

Schedule for Week: June 6 – June 12, 2011 (Monday – Sunday)

Carnival Freedom Puerta Maya                      Mon, Jun 6          6:30        17:00
Carnival Liberty   Puerta Maya                      Mon, Jun 6          6:30        21:00
Arcadia Punta         Langosta                         Mon, Jun 6          8:30        18:00
CARNIVAL ELATION        Punta Langosta       Tue, Jun 7            8:00        17:00
Carnival Legend                Puerta Maya         Tue, Jun 7            8:00        17:00
Carnival Inspiration         Puerta Maya          Tue, Jun 7            10:00     19:00
Carnival Imagination       Puerta Maya          Wed, Jun 8          11:30     21:00
Ecstasy                            Puerta Maya           Thu, Jun 9            7:30        16:00
Carnival Triumph             Puerta Maya          Thu, Jun 9            8:00        17:00
Allure of the Seas            TMM Inter’l Pier    Fri, Jun 10            6:30        18:00
Norwegian Spirit              Punta Langosta                 Fri, Jun 10            8:30        18:00
Carnival Conquest           Puerta Maya                      Fri, Jun 10            9:30        18:00
Carnival Inspiration         Puerta Maya                      Sat, Jun 11           6:30        18:00
CARNIVAL ELATION        TMM Int’l Pier                  Sat, Jun 11           7:30        17:00
Carnival Destiny                Puerta Maya                    Sat, Jun 11           12:00     21:00
Horizon                TMM Inter’l Pier                 Sun, Jun 12         10:30     22:00
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Eduardo from All About Playa

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