Cancun Gov’t Says They Are Totally Safe To Visit

In light of all the recent unfortunate incidents in Mexico, the Cancun city government wants to assure all travelers that it’s relatively safe to visit their city. After the mass shootout in Playa Del Carmen last January, travelers are losing confidence in the travel safety in Mexico.

Cancun is one of the favorite tropical destinations of US travelers because of its beautiful beaches, world-class accommodations, and several tourist attractions. Its easy access is also one of the factors travelers keep coming back, with direct flights coming from international destinations such as London and Paris.

“Cancun is a safe and wonderful place for families to enjoy; beautiful beaches, fabulous hotels and resorts that offer state of the art facilities and unsurpassed service. Great shopping, activities and entertainment are always available,” said Lizzie Cole, the CEO of the Cancun National Airport.

“Enjoy the ancient Mayan archaeological sites, swim with the amazing whale sharks (from May to September), try the freshest seafood and regional dishes, visit the Museum of the Maya Culture and get acquainted with turtles and dolphins. Cancun is no doubt the best spot for family groups of all ages and sizes.”

The local tourism department and other private travel agencies are also working hand in hand to spread reassurance to all travelers wanting to visit their city. They have mad ads and other short videos depicting Cancun as a safe enough place to visit, with local residents being interviewed with the hashtag #YoAmoMexico (#ILoveMexico.)

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