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The unique geological and atmospheric changes have occurred since the ice age gave rise to the formation of an interconnected system of caves, sinkholes and underground rivers.

These caves were used by the ancient Maya as a backup to atmospheric phenomena and, especially, for their connections with the underworld. One of these mystical places is the “Alux” abode of magical beings called Aluxes small, big guards who are part of this amazing culture.

Alux is a magic cave, garden of shining stalactites and stalagmites colors which has been waiting thousands of years to be discovered.

This cave was discovered in 1994 by Mr. Rolando and Sergio Calderon. After low ecological impact  estoration and planning, they introduce this heritage of humanity, with singular stalactites and stalagmites, you will be able to enjoy a natural show.

Going back in the prehispanic past, Alux will have a enduring image with the dishes cooked by the chef who enhance the natural taste of each ingredient, along with wine from the five continents, music and exotic cocktails.

The restaurant has many areas: Dinning room with capacity for 170 customers. VIP’S: Six areas where you can enjoy privacy dinning or drinking your preferred beverage. Dolphin Room: Mystical and magical place where Mayan weddings take place, accompanied by prehispanic dressed people and one chaman. Califa Room: Ideal for proposal or marriage anniversary. You will enjoy an unforgivable evening to the candlelight and surrounded by exuberant flowers alongside your partner. Bar Lounge: Where you can enjoy your preferred music. 120 people capacity.

Here are some examples of the menu:

Ensalada Cenote. Assorted lettuces with mushrooms, pecan nuts, crispy sweet potatoes and citrus dressing.
Seafood Fricassee. Mussels, clams, octopus and shrimps sauted with red sauce.
Maya Wish. Chicken supreme stuffed with cheese in mango sauce.

You just cannot miss this place.

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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