4 Tips on how to enjoy a Rainy day

Rainy days are great, but almost nobody sees anything positive in these days. Some say they are sad, it is as if the day was crying …but maybe it’s a cry from laughter, happiness!
Others do not like rainy days because they miss the sun, but there are days when the sun needs a day off.

To me rainy day I feels great, I think it’s the perfect day to do different things! And today …there are high chances of rain !!! (at least in Playa). So I’ll take this opportunity and share with you four tips to enjoy a rainy day.

No. 1: Swim to work.

swwim to work

Forget the car, everyone uses it on a rainy day and it is impossible to park !!!  swimming is best, it’s fun at the same time exercising. And if your work is a little far … a canoe can be a better option !!!

No. 2: Perfect Excuse sofa and blanket.


Because I love to spend a day of rain on the couch with a soft, warm blanket and that …. can’t be done in a normal day in Playa!!! Rainy days are perfect for naps!

No. 3: Any reason is good for dancing.

Put on your rain boots and go outside and do not stop dancing !!!! And if you dare you can also sing!

No. 4 Make a rainy day your profession.


A crisis and a rainy day … equal a good face! If you like adventure and sparks … arm yourself with tools and give a change to your working life! Become storm chaser!

And if you how to enjoy a rainy day ??? Help us create a post for these  rainy days. Leave a comment
We will choose the most original idea and share it!

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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